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We can connect you with cutting edge debt management and elimination methods that have been in practice for many years.


Filing bankruptcy can be one of the most effective ways to eliminate debt and get a fresh financial start.

Debt Counseling

Debt counseling is an alternative approach for consumers dealing with problems and difficulty getting out of debt.

Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure defense focuses on avoiding home foreclosure by utilizing a short sale, loan modification or other foreclosure alternative.

Housing Programs

With our Housing Programs we’ll refer you to the attorneys to get you back on track and get your situation worked out.

This Week’s Featured Article – How to File Bankruptcy

how to file bankruptcyIf you’re struggling with excessive debt, this article may help you learn how to file bankruptcy without the help of an attorney.

Filing for bankruptcy protection may help individuals in difficult financial situations to potentially avoid home foreclosure and stabilize their finances. Learning how to file bankruptcy without the help of an attorney however can be difficult since the process typically involves filing a bankruptcy petition which may exceed 100 pages in length.

Working With All Major Banks & Creditors

What we do

We can help you by referring you to whatever legal, professionals you may need access to ranging from Mortgage Professionals, Non Profits, Attorneys, Auditing Firms, Managers, and more.


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Safepoint Financial Relief
SafePoint Financial Relief is a Florida based non profit organization that specializes in helping you find ways to get rid of your debt whether it’s from credit cards, mortgages, or otherwise.
Foreclosure Defense
Foreclosure defense can be necessary when homeowners are unable to afford their current mortgage payments.
Debt Counseling
Debt counseling can help consumers with high amounts of debt to explore options to improve their financial situations and get out of debt.
Housing Progrmas
Explore Making Home Affordable programs to make your mortgage more affordable.